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Always July

by lero

Always July 04:23
Where can you go? The city’s alone at night Forlorn and bold At war with its own selfish source all those stories, all for shame your time’s in your head and the weather’s fine Chronic tense, tenement stairs Push open the door that leads to a long reveal This place like a tomb, through the other side Give machine thrill time to kill Sleep within its hazy shade smash through the lines, draw your own demise where can you go from here? What do I know, what do I know, oh Tell it to me quick Mistakes are made and mistakes are lost But you’ll never do what the path dictates first And still It’s always july it’s always july in my mind
Lily 03:43
Come along calmly untrained windows call to you and the glass drowns a little tune They said a dream is only yours to know Only yours to contemplate the mind is an unexplored country If you’d only just give in Departure - in a country called past Don’t wake waves Oh, your portrait’s more than a mirror but the moon is all you have In light aftermath, you see backwards Dressed up stars, shadow walk, a figure walks inside you Blood red wine like a heartbeat Just takes time to conjugate Whisper wind, to let you know they know Whisper wind, to let them know you know
Reception 01:53
how can I know you're going where can I run to tell me where my aim - to recede to a quiet place
Written by Fred 'Sonic' Smith, originally recorded by the MC5 Little Orphan Angie, Lauren too They've been coming around, gives 'em somethin' to do Their mamas all warned 'em not to come to town but it got into their blood and now they gonna get down Shakin' street it's got that beat Shakin' street where all the kids meet Shakin' street it's got that sound Shakin' street say you gotta get down Streetlight Sammy decided to make the trip All the way from New Jersey On his girlfriend's tip He pulled into town and met Skinny Leg Pete Said come here, boy I heard about the streets I heard about the place where all the kids go Now, I'm about to flip I just gotta know about Well the kids on shakin' street never give in 'Cause all of their lives they've been livin' in sin You know that they're bad / You know that they're mad They take for the takin' They shake for the shakin' Shakin' Shakin' Shakin' The folks keep complaining they find it so shockin' All the kids wanna do is just keep on rockin' They ain't got no time to think about stoppin' They gotta get down and do a little stompin' Now Sally Baker wants to shake her shaker And Bobby C. says he's gonna take her to Shakin' street it's got that beat Shakin' street where all the kids meet Shakin' street it's got that sound Shakin' street say you gotta get down
believe in a guess in the written way behind those attic boots heaven yellow resident You’re in a strangers arms Nature’s witness silk ghosts, wild and rampant Years turn for troubadours Some left so unsure Pale floating silence avocations cloud the mind You’re in a strangers arms faraway city lights status leather shaken shrug hold out your palms sweet nothing where nothing comes I know it’s in you Ghosts rise before your eyes It’s any day now


released November 29, 2017

Available on cassette and digitally through Metaphysical Circuits:


Recorded August-September 2017

'Shakin' Street' written by Fred 'Sonic' Smith, originally recorded by The MC5

'Lily' - for Miss Lillian Gish

Thanks to Christian as always, and Jon for the Mandolin loan


all rights reserved



lero Hamilton, Ontario

Art Damaged Folk. Apply Within.

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