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Early Works

by lero

in small towns the fall broke washed up and rose went out for walks craved nothing but time/not on my side the waves could never align fourteen days, drifting at sea hands on guardrails/you---- borne up by our words we lived silent film I asked if they wouldn't mind I'd sit facing the wall this remarkable recess something very good, and very different fourteen days, vast lands for free our hands on guardrails and/you---- wordless, this world would show it all went back to the trip at sea "you're wrong," but was I really the lighthouse scene was the last the travel had come to a close/you---- -08/23/13
make it up as you go: muscle connects to bone 'round young virtues, ghost + child scrawl at beachfront/squall on backdrops stop - what's that sound? I can't face the light of day I can't break my habits/ too busy trying to upstart another muscle car connects to outer limb outer and upper limits - space is the place why was Jane in occupied europe anyhow? what led to this monumental event? I dreamt of wide open mountainsides scattered about were stone ledges and, and entrances to community thrift stores, in which sales were happening on aging home stereo equipment. I sought to make a quick purchase, but conflict flared its nostrils, and I was forced to make a quick retreat (back to the left margin), lest it be known that I truly didn't have the correct amount of currency in my pockets I can't make out that last line.
walked in circles from the time we've had our talk kept in contact with a rough understanding have to learn that the numbers represent past the entry, to days when accepting of surviving kinds can it be that every sound that's heard is yours - for good? think of the ways count the ways in which I know walked in circles from the time we've had our talk united/united/united
Radiation 01:17
-tele x2 -dmm
I'll count my blessings, find the blame search through gardens/learn the truth ten sacred hymns for us all to sing poised, dramatic - a new beginning present columns, cross the bridge captain crawls back to the ditch a party crouches among them and - a wounded man with a bandaged hand a crippled mind's always left confused shattered windows - who's to lose your silent smile's so bitter sweet I can't compete with the nausea it brings
Raincloud 02:18
mistik 02:57
'ah, she was just a child,' he relates -well shit, where does that leave me? still reeling from the scope/ sums up the longing that sticks Examples of a high fox index; 'two other Pelican books are described on the following pages' How nice of them to inform the ryhthym in phrases hip slang for common usage (hip slang given to free trails) As it is seen - and so differs from we present our palms face up and flaccid and offer up the chance for redemption 'if only I could've laid parallel to her perspectives' Most of these books come from fantasy; travel trains and banquets of wedding halls and pelicans - observant, unassuming; the ghosts of history's falls
Radiate 01:47
Room & Board 02:18


Compilation of various tracks, 2012-2013

Tracks 1/3/5 from 'Willow Creek Campaign' EP, 2013
Track 2 circa July 2012
Tracks 4/9 from 'eradiction' EP, 2012
Track 6 circa November 2013
Track 7 circa January 2012
Track 8/11 from 'Ghosts/History Falls' EP, May 2013
Track 10 circa December 2013, originally released on Metaphysical Circuits Gedane Zaken / Lero split tape, MCMC43


released December 31, 2013

calcification/hallucination/congregation/constellation - lero


all rights reserved



lero Hamilton, Ontario

Art Damaged Folk. Apply Within.

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