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Young Attendant

by lero

Say you’re lost Say you’re lost Doe-eyed mist dreamer all alone in the stall You’re in a world where anything You’re in a world where everything goes Say you’re wrong It happens with Bright eyed urgency It comes and It flatters them Life within their means It’s your cross They’ll make you bear Hillfield dancer pantomime disconcerted by her own design she hears the sound of kinship mourned you never wanted never wanted to you’re never willing never remember find a reason let it come to you lost within your frenetic wishing Say you’re lost Lose the moments that make up your days tape it down Say you’re lost
when you last sailed from home you never knew how you could lose and when you find out oh, another journey this one is not like the rest where you are ecstatic prison mysticism is their truth call it discourse red courage testament to hidden whims this crazy crucible of a town is just what the sign says and you want to live want to die for it there's just a glitter of help in your eye shadows, signs, do you recognize? there's nothin' more than this in the eye of chance call it what you want, make it what you need if I say it soft will you come along?
Unshaven pride if it's the best I can do, I won't try to hide know you know I don't lose so good give it what I can a forward march is the best laid plan don't try to hide, I know you'll try the farm is a forward arc momentum makes it change the farm is a forward arc it takes what it wants and it hurts the most the best laid plans are the worst mistakes you'd better run, girl you'd better run, girl you'd better run, girl, if you know I won't be there skyfall down again you'd better run, girl I'm not the one you need you'd better run, girl
surcease from your sense of self your pride, remonstrated luminosity, from divinity telegraphed proof pastoral wisdom and he says know thy heart you know thy self judgement calls messengers bring a little light romance you'll get a way out from here the King shout of the might urgency worn rampant tight breathless truth, the timbrel shakes the generative man in his arms ascend the fourth, dance off your sins raise your voices lost raise your voices drawn from inside for your life
Boundless 02:34
An invitation to come Another day done and gone You can loosen my tongue But I won’t feel ashamed element wrapped in truth assumed Count the steps that reach to heaven An offering Frisson belle winks narcissism Nature loves her cities Radically Makes it beautiful to me For what it means to me I live
Anytime that I think of you The memories always seem untrue But affirmation is passage to A secret world, a hidden view After the core More and more After the core, after the core Self assurance is knowing less A willingness towards ignorance if circumstance is cylindrical then all our lives are beyond control After the core There’s more and more After the core after the core It’s just an empty kind of prayer where you lay your head you’ve got to make it through, make it well
Even in the way I have no choice Shifting credence All night long What forgives, what depends on how we are? I believe in no mysteries anymore bloodlines in an arc And the wake robin comes And he goes You don’t have to go alone You don’t have to go anymore September’s end Why should I need to pledge my time I have lost my sight What will time do when we’re through with it Yet the wake robin goes about his ways I want more Half light half weakness Yet the wake robin comes again What does he know that I don’t know?
poor course, working-class strings he says in the priesthood You never know what is a fact/what is a lie? it’s more dangerous this time share three notes, no more spread legs, three notes saturation sound I found the best dreams money can buy brown sound, realize have mouth anytime puzzled future come back anytime
roll those bones/roll those bones back to me
Disillusionist Wherever you roam Insouciance Second nature owns Where are you How would you Just try to be Fallow counterpoint on the Playhouse stage cast the curtain call bright expectancy California sun Make your newfound home Wildflowers grow Down the road
you said it yourself now I'm nothing without heart you said it yourself now there's nothing left but heart to fade away..... isolation/gasoline you don't want it, but it's yours cross the field walk around don't say you need it anymore take a trip, set it free let it ride, unspoken company make a grave, down below part the earth, mark the stone say your prayers, face your road walk away and leave the rose the long and short of it is that he can't belong and I can't go on I can't belong....
S-Ban Hour 02:29
Such a dark constant will She did not feel for him Oh pampered ground go thought of times scattered lives who can know until its gone but even if the ground looks like like it’ll never shake its frost Here comes another year Take care
Night Forms 03:01
the body begins to ache victory lifts its sordid veil to sell you a reason – why// Night forms Night forms (forming down below) Night forms (try to make it pass) Night forms (forms) You didn’t know what you need You couldn’t ask for it your memory: Autumn wanderer = rural youth Night forms (I give you one tall tale) Night forms (can you riddle it out) Night forms (forms) I heard he’s got Pictures in his home All I see is what once was there - An eye in the past, be a visionary Night forms (night forms) Night forms (night forms) a simple air Night forms (stray eye shoot) Night forms (heavens to havens) Night forms (genetic minds) Night forms (chartreuse eyes) Night forms (and soul)
I'd swear it's tomorrow but I still need to know hallucination carry me faithful slip out see it fading faster lose your sense of mind everything after gone I feel entirely at home go way back harness the found monuments that teach in a matter of liars I've re-achieved unzip the tender dresser runnin' nowhere oh
if you've ever stopped to think of what went wrong would all the bells ring out - homeward bound, but not yet home? I can't answer that just yet my vision's still rising rescind your past and wonder where they're from he said he threw it away Christmas day, the grey dawn reaching for the thoughts a searcher seeks to know he turned and walked away against the gold dying sky when tomorrow comes up close like a weight you can't embrace let it go down to chance and think of where we're from where they're from/where they're from
your river runs it runs black your river runs I tried to reach you but I never looked back reach your way to heaven return time and time again reach your way to heaven return time and time again your river runs it runs black I tried to reach out just lend a hand I'm runnin' right on the rocks runnin' right on the rocks for you


released August 21, 2023

Additional Personnel:

Jeff Low - Drums + Additional Percussion
Nate Ivanco - Drums on track 6
Eric Saffle - harmony vocals on tracks 8, 13
Una Di Gallo - harmony vocals on track 16

Thanks to Riley Mitchison for loan of Fender Jazz Bass and Realistic MG-1

Cover photo, 'Young residents at Amite City, Louisiana', by Ben Shahn, 1935. From NYPL collection.

Released on cassette by Geology Records, available for purchase:



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lero Hamilton, Ontario

Art Damaged Folk. Apply Within.

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